SEFCU’s Institute for Financial Well-Being Visits Cairo-Durham School District

Students in kindergarten, first, and second grade at Cairo-Durham Elementary School learned about saving, budgeting, and spending through innovative programs offered by SEFCU’s Institute for Financial Well-Being. In addition to the sessions being fun and informative for the students, one teacher commented how well the content aligns with grade-level curriculum.

Five kindergarten classes and four first grade classes learned about goals and saving in Joe the Monkey Saves for Goal and four second grade classes explored budgeting, spending, saving, and sharing in the sessions Money Cycle.

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To prepare high school students in the district for the costs associated with college education, the Institute for Financial Well-Being coordinated a Paying for Higher Education session. Attendees were at various stages of the financial aid process, but all benefitted from understanding the necessary steps to pursue financial aid. We discussed the importance of becoming informed borrowers with respect to student loans to ensure they were aware that these loans are their future financial responsibility and urged them to seek all other possible sources of scholarship and grant funding for education before incurring debt. They also received tips for new online resources to help file the Free Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA).

A total of 218 youth, ages four to eight, participated in 13 educational sessions and a total of 70 youth, ages 14-17, participated in five higher educational sessions. The high school students reported an increase of 16% as it relates to their financial confidence.

The Institute is committed to strengthening their relationship with Cairo-Durham School District by providing free financial education sessions to all grade levels by bringing an interactive and applied learning session with Apple® iPads and Robots to the middle school later this year. SEFCU’s Institute for Financial Well-being provides impactful, free sessions and content that align to the state and national educational learning standards for K-12 and adult learning.

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