Financial Education Series: Learn to Earn – for ages 5-13

This series aims to build awareness of financial concepts for our youngest community members. Youth practice making financial decisions and setting goals, learn the benefits of saving, and explore philanthropy and kindness.

cartoon creature walking down a city street

Finn’s Financial Adventure
Recommended for ages 5-8
Create a dynamic adventure-based storyline by guiding “Finn” through a series of spending, saving, sharing, and earning experiences. 
Click here for Finn’s Financial Adventure

cartoon monkey holding a change jar

Joe the Monkey Saves for a Goal
Recommended for ages 5-8
Make decisions about how to spend, share, and save money. Following reading and discussion, children are encouraged to create their own save jar and to establish a financial goal. 
Click here for Joe the Monkey Saves for a Goal

Decorative Graphic

Change Your World: Make a Positive Impact
Recommended for ages 9-12
Discuss making responsible financial decisions while looking at their personal aspirations in the context of how to make the world a better place.  
Click here for Change Your World

cartoon picture of the earth

Create Your World: Your Business Makes a Difference 
Recommended for ages 9-12
Use creativity, problem solving skills, and critical thinking to imagine a better world and expand understanding of entrepreneurship. 
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Growing Your Grit: Strengthening Your Talents to Create a Positive Social Impact 
Recommended for ages 9-12
Create and explore your feelings and ideas on basic financial decisions and philanthropy to make a positive impact in your community.
Click here for Growing Your Grit

chart of vegetables

Feed Your World: Planting Seeds for Change
Recommended for ages 9-12
Integrate math, science, and technology to create opportunities for making informed decisions and to explore solving social concerns, such as hunger.
Click here for Feed Your World

cartoon heart compass

Heroes with Heart: Making Financial Decisions to Create a Positive Social Impact
Recommended for ages 9-12
Create a heart map as you explore your own passion and drive to make a positive social impact.  Discuss trade-offs and budgeting and share ideas and solutions for real-world challenges.
Click here for Heroes with Heart

cartoon quiz gameshow host standing in front of game wall

What do you know? 
A Quiz Game of Financial Facts

Recommended for ages 9-12
Participate in a trivia-style game, examining concepts of budgeting, saving, sharing, borrowing, and interest, and discover related financial vocabulary.
Click here for What do you know?

HABITS for Smarts Consumer Spending

H.A.B.I.T.S.SM for Smart Consumer Spending
Recommended for ages 11-13
Explore how to make informed consumer decisions and build positive spending habits with real-world practice examples.
Click here for H.A.B.I.T.S.

cartoon of boy jumping a car

My Car, My Future, My Money
Recommended for ages 11-13
Explore what it takes to be an entrepreneur by creating your own business or product concept.
Click here for My Car, My Future, My Money

financial icons shaped like a head

Financial Well-Being: Goal Setting for a Bright Financial Future
Recommended for ages 10-16
Identify what it takes to become financially independent by setting S.M.A.R.T.E.R. goals, creating a financial plan, and building human capital.
Click here for Financial Well-Being