Financial Capability Series: The Future is Now – for ages 14-18

This series is focused on guiding teens to build financial skills for real-world experiences. Themes include employment, financial tools, budgeting, and setting goals.

Board game pieces on a gameboard starting line

Building Your Household: A Game-Based Journey of Costs and Trade-Offs
Recommended for ages 15+
Participate in an energetic pricing game experience and explore expenses associated with being independent
and establishing a household.
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How Do I Pay for That? Understanding Checking Accounts, Credit Cards, and Cash
Recommended for ages 14-17
Explore key differences and appropriate uses of debit cards, credit cards, and cash.
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cartoon hand holding a dollar and text reading my first job

My First Job: Paycheck Basics
Recommended for ages 14-17
Learn about paychecks, gross and net income, payroll deductions and taxes, and payroll forms such as the I-9, W-2, and W-4. 
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mad city money text with decorative graphics

Budgeting Basics: Mad City MoneyTM Simulation 
Recommended for ages 15-18
Create and implement a realistic budget through a simulated experience, managing household expenses and spending decisions.
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cartoon graduation cap

Paying for Higher Education
Recommended for ages 15-18
Explore costs related to funding higher education. Navigate the financial aid process (FAFSA) and develop strategies to pay for college.
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My Vehicle to Freedom: How to Navigate an Auto Purchase Without Getting Lost
Recommended for ages 16+
Apply a planned buying process to identify needs and wants in making an informed automobile purchase. Compare earnings to vehicle cost and identify guidelines for using debt responsibly.
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Goals decorative graphic

Financial Goal Setting:
How to Save and Create Meaningful Financial Goals

Recommended for ages 14+
Develop sustainable goals that fit into your timeline for living a good life. Explore research around self-determination theory and how happiness plays into pursuing S.M.A.R.T.E.R. goals and financial security.
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Accounts decorative graphic

Open a Checking or Savings Account: How to Start or Rebuild Personal Banking
Recommended for ages 14+
Explore eligibility requirements, challenges that may arise when opening an account, and key questions to ask a financial institution prior to opening an account.
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Strategies to Secure Your First Job in a speech bubble

Strategies to Secure Your First Job: How to Create a Strong Impression; It Matters
Recommended for ages 16+
Realize how to capture your talent and translate it into workplace skills to create a thoughtful résumé and find ways to create opportunities for work readiness skills.
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financial icons shaped like a head

Financial Well-Being: Goal Setting for a Bright Financial Future
Recommended for ages 10-16
Identify what it takes to become financially independent by setting S.M.A.R.T.E.R. goals, creating a financial plan, and building human capital.
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