Employee Spotlight - Sean Smith


This month we are highlighting Sean Smith, Member Service Leader at our SEFCU Square and Albany St. branches in Schenectady.


Sean’s favorite SEFCU and volunteer memory are the same. In his words: “SEFCU supported Hurricane Sandy relief cleanup efforts in various areas. I happened to participate in the cleanup efforts in Brooklyn. These efforts were led by none-other than our President and CEO, Michael Castellana. To witness his efforts in person, getting 'down and dirty' with the rest of us, sent a powerful message: We're all in this together! (By the way, I later found out this was actually his second/third day in a row being heavily involved with the cleanup efforts.) That was when I realized SEFCU is truly a family and it continues to exhibit this on a daily basis!”


Sean on his Family: “I have an older brother (10 years older) and the most powerful/motivational/inspirational woman as a mother!” 
Movies: "Everything Marvel (Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man).”
Music: “Whatever sounds good to my ears! (Big J. Cole fan, however!)"


If you are ever in downtown Schenectady take a moment to say “hi” to Sean.

Title: Members Service Leader

Location: SEFCU Square/Albany St.

Start Date: November, 2013

Describe your job to a member:

"To ensure myself and my team are delivering the highest level of member service possible while simultaneously maintaining operational efficiency. Coaching and developing individuals to maximize their potential. It’s an extremely gratifying and rewarding position!"

Favorite day-off activity:

"Love to travel! I believe the same amount of energy you apply at work should be reciprocated on 'off' days to have proper work-life balance! I'm a big time football fan (Dallas Cowboys *cough cough* Americas Team *cough cough* And huge fan of 'King' (Lebron) James!"

Favorite take-out meal:

"Spicy chicken rigatoni from Buca Di Peppo!"

What would no-one guess about you:

"I used to play video games competitively, and have come in third place or better at various conventions/tournaments etc. I'm also an avid swimmer, with my first job being a lifeguard!"