COVID-19 Credit Card Relief


SEFCU is offering relief for eligible members and business members with a SEFCU credit card who may be adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 


SEFCU logo being air-dropped

About the credit card skip-a-pay

  • Beginning with your December statement, eligible members can skip their next three payments (December, January, and February). If you are eligible you will notice a minimum payment due of $0 on those statements.  Standard payments will resume with your March bill.
  • If you choose to skip any of these payments, no late fees will be assessed, but interest will still accrue.
  • No action is required; you just won’t make a payment if you wish to skip your payment.
  • You can still make a payment of any amount if you wish. If you want to know what your minimum payment would have been, it is calculated as 3% of your statement balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I know if I qualify for the credit card skip-a-pay?
A. If you see a $0 minimum payment on your December, January, or February statement that means you are eligible to use the payment deferment option. 

Q. Do I have to opt in or call if I want to skip my payment?
A. No. As long as you see a $0 minimum payment on your statement you can simply skip the payment by not making it. 

Q. If I skip my payment will my credit be adversely affected? 
A. No. SEFCU is allowing eligible members to skip up to three (December, January, or February) credit card payments and this will not be reported to the credit bureaus.

Q. What if I want to opt out of this and make a payment?
A. If you wish to you can make a payment of any amount even though your minimum payment is $0. SEFCU’s minimum payment due is normally 3% of your outstanding balance. Payments will be applied the same way they always are. You can make the payment however you normally do so.

Q. If I skip any of these payments will my minimum payment be higher than I am used to when my payments resume?
A. No. Your minimum payment will only increase if you use your card, just like normal. Your minimum payment is 3% of your statement balance.

Q. I want to skip my payment, but how do I cancel my automatic payment? 
A. If you have your payments set up to be automatically paid from another financial institution, or a set dollar amount automatic payment set up from your SEFCU account, they will continue unless you cancel them. If you have an automatic payment from your SEFCU account set for the minimum payment amount, it will be cancelled until the skip period is over and automatically resume with your July payment. 

Q. I have a SEFCU Business Credit Card. Am I still eligible?
A. As long as you see a $0 minimum balance due on your December, January, or February billing statement you are eligible.