Aimee Moore, Why I Care Employee Recipient


It’s hard for Aimee Moore to pinpoint her favorite volunteer memory, but most recently she participated in Stand to Honor, an event that was part of SEFCU’s Operation Fitness that raises money and awareness for fallen soldiers. Individuals volunteer to stand on a raised platform for 13 minutes, which represents the number of folds in the American flag when it’s presented to the families of deceased soldiers. She says, “The display of patriotism, commitment, and respect was incredible and resonates as a favorite memory for me.”

But this wasn’t the first time Aimee has been part of the movement to make a difference. Each year as a leader in SEFCU’s Member Solutions Center she encourages all employees to make a contribution to SEFCU’s Holiday Sharing Program. The goal is to have each department have 100% of its employees contribute, which is extremely difficult – especially in one with more than 80 people. She and the other leaders realized that even though they were asking employees to donate, some of the people on their team were unable to so they developed a more creative approach. Top performers had donations made to the Holiday Sharing Program in their name, employees who recycled bottles and cans at work earned five cents toward their contribution, and spare change from lunch or coffee could be deposited into a jar. For the first time ever, SEFCU’s Member Solutions Center had 100% of its employees contribute to the Holiday Sharing Program thanks to the efforts of Aimee and her team!

In addition to supporting Stand to Honor and SEFCU’s Holiday Sharing Program, Aimee has also volunteered for Wreaths Across America, Equinox Thanksgiving Dinner, Capital Region Sponsor a Scholar Mentoring program, and the American Heart Association.